Igienizing Spray Spray for
Small Environments
with Biozono Light F5

tested and certified

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sanycab, sanitizing spray for small environments
biozono light F5, sanitizing spray for small environments


sanitizing spray for small environments

Sanycab Igienizer

Sanycab spray nebulizer for small environments associated with our sanitizing liquid BIOZONO LIGHT F5, once vaporized thanks to special sprayer is definitely the appropriate response to companies that need to sanitize small areas of work or areas assiduously frequented by users, customers or staff.

Sanycab can be conveniently installed on the wall and works both in automatic mode as it has a motion sensor or manual according to need.

The Sanicab detects the entry of a user of the service and at the exit of this, sprays a dose of sanitizer nebulized directly on the sanitary used and in the surrounding environment, continuously ensuring its perfect hygiene.

Easy to install and maintain, the liquid charge is long-lasting (100ml/500ml per 100/300 sanitation).

Ideal for Toilets, Beach Cabins, Bathrooms, Spogiatoi etc,…

Spray spray spray to sanitize small environments but constant daily use that require very accurate and thorough hygiene and cleaning.

Igienizing Liquid Biozono Light F5

The product used for spraying, is part of our Decontaminator Line, and is the Biozono Light F5 in 10 L can, a watery lotion ready for cleaning and sanitizing
hydrogen peroxide.

Thanks to the special formulation containing emollient substances,
The product does not have any contraindications
to use in contact with the skin.

Cosmetic classified product according to regulation 1223/2009/EC

CPNP formula filing number 3360282 www.cpnp.it

sanycab sanitizing spray
Technical Information
  • Voltage 220V 50-60Hz
  • Power 900W
  • Igienizing output 0.029 cubic meters / S
  • Distance Spray 3-5 m
  • Tank capacity 100ml / 500ml
sanycab patent pending

31cm x 31cm x h 18cm

ensure health security

Decontamination Tunnel

Safety and hygiene for the entrances of activities with high number of patrons to ensure healthy, sanitized and clean environments.

Cheap sanitizing tunnel, find out now!


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