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Minimatik Dispenser Igienizzante


Hand sanitizer dispenser, specially designed sanitizing liquid production and sale (Septisol WHO) for use in offices, institutions, at the entrance of stores, or at any point where you need to use a self-supporting dispenser. It can be used with standard-supplied column or installed on a wall or on a floor.

The sanitizing liquid (provided separately) is a hydro-alcoholic lotion for cleaning hands, for home, sports and at work.

Minimatik Hand Igienizing Dispenser is a NO-TOUCH dispenser with cell detector and steel planter.

Where hygiene levels can be compromised, it is essential to have sanitation products to ensure a high level of hygiene for the public and employees.
Ideal for offices, shops, shopping malls, hospitals, public places, schools, parks and public places.

Tough and easy to transport in all environments. It can be easily placed at the entrance or exit of offices and shops, canteen rooms, within large shopping areas, meeting and meeting rooms, reception and waiting rooms.


121X107X261 CM

Igienizing Hands Septisol WHO

The product used to sanitize the hands, is part of our Decontaminator line, and is the SEPTISOL WHO

in 10L can or liter bottle, hygienizing hydroalcolic lotion for hands with isopropanol 75% Vol. clean-up action.

Thanks to the special formulation containing emollient substances,
The product has no contraindications
contact with the skin of the hands, even for prolonged use.

The product does not stain and leaves no halos.

Cosmetic classified product according to regulation 1223/2009/EC – CPNP formula deposit No. 3306667

CPNP formula filing number 3360282 www.cpnp.it

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